Byerley Park is owned by a father and son who share a common passion and interest in thoroughbred horse racing. 

Daniel Nakhle
Daniel, Director of The Nakhle Group, graduated from the University of Auckland with a conjoint degree in Law and Commerce.  The Nakhle Group encompasses property development, property investment and management, hospitality, quarrying, early childhood education, thoroughbred breeding and training, retail in equine products and accommodation. Daniel says of the exciting Byerley Park development: "This is the first project for us with a mix of business and real pleasure".  

Elias Nakhle
Elias has a real love of animals and especially horses. He came to New Zealand on holiday in 1969 and immediately fell in love with the country and its people. He owned orchards and shops in his native Lebanon but turned his hand to building upon his arrival to New Zealand. Very much self made, working from the ground up, Elias made a permanent base in Manukau where he and his wife have three sons, the oldest being Daniel, and does not often miss a race meeting where his horses are carrying his sky blue on peacock blue colours.